Girls, who would date me potentially?

I've meanwhile found out what I'm really looking for in a grilfirend, and have figuered out who would be a good match for me characterwise.

I'm rather a calm guy who doesn't feel the need to compete with other guys, I'm talkative and sociable, I can listen well and understand her feelings - I've spent some time considering mine and came to terms with them after hiding them. I'm honest and actually fall in love quickly , I used to be scared of my own feelings after getting hurt really bad by a girl one time 3 years ago. I'm not shallow, I'm deep. I've meanwhile overcome my issues I had with myself.

I'm lean and 6'3, I don't workout, but my body is still toned. I have a long torso. I do archery. You can look at my profile pic to see my face.

I'm interested in girls who have an appealing face, that's what I care most about beside her figure, she should be slim and 5'9 ideally. She must be intelligent too, so that there's a chance that we click.

Can I get some opinions? :/
I think no one here would like to date me. Ok , question closed.


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  • See if you go around just picking particular trait's and features you want in someone your only going to make it difficult to find someone. Why don't you just go out and meet some girls and whoever you feel like you click with the most you try to learn more about and get to know. Because just because you find a girl that has all these traits doesn't mean she'll be into you or you guys will click just because she has everything you THINK you want versus what you actually click wiith.


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  • You sound like a great guy. I'm in a relationship, but you totally described me! You'll find a beautiful woman soon enough :)

    • I hope so, I haven't had a girlfriend yet, I got out of high school this year, and I was a late bloomer physically and no girl was interested in me. I didn't find them attractive either.

  • Well you don't seem "deep" if you care mostly about the looks. Besides that you sound fine.

    • but looks are like the invitation for the relationship that initially attract you to a person, the character is like the visa to stay so to speak. you initially make your decision based on looks

    • I get that. As long as you're not just with someone because of their looks (I'm guessing you won't be). Good luck with finding such a girl (not being sarcastic).

    • @Asker Wow this is the thing I always say and believe. ^^

  • I mean it's hard to say because I don't know you at all. But why not...

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