When a guy likes you or lets say start to like you?

What are the signs you need to take a closer look to see if the guy is not just being flirty or friendly but he wants to get to know you more as a person and leave behind the physical stuff for a while, even though the lady is attractive.

And at what time these kind of like feelings start to blossom in the guy for the girl? Could the guy develop taht early in the dating or not or that depends on each guy? I heard that after a few dates that is not possible it has to take like 6 months to a year for a guy to really like the girl but before that it is just a friendly behavior. Does this has to do with the age of the man and the woman or that is irrelevant?


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  • he'll text u more n more frequently


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  • Body language

    • Such as...

    • Where his feet point (towards you)
      Where his shoulders point (facing you)
      The way his voice gets (deeper and clear)
      The pupils if they are wide
      What he does with his lips he is licking them or making sure they are moist
      How close he stands to you in your personal area
      If he pays attention to what you do or say even when you're not that close to him
      If he brushes against you
      He keeps you in his sight