Should I text him Back, Advice?

I have been talking to this guy for three months and this Friday we are suppose to go to this indoor waterpark, which is suppose to me and him and his son. Well on Memorial day we talk about going, so when the day came to go which was on a last Thursday I want to say and he told he can't because he forgot that is cousin UFC fight was that day and that he ask if can go later date and I told him that we can. Long story short I text him yesterday to see if plans were the same for Friday and never text me back so hours later I sent him a funny pictures asking the same thing he never text me back. So this morning he text me at 11:08 am while I was at work he said ("Hey sorry, I told him for ya and that you may have a surprise for him Fri. Not 100% sure yet but trying to make it work") and I know he gets his son Thursday through Sunday and also I never text him back because I want him to have taste of his own medicine because it hurts when he doesn't text back and part of me want to text because I don't think want him to think I don't want to go but it already thinks I am going to text because I always do but this I want it to be different. The thing is should I not text him to make him feel what I felt yesterday or go ahead in text him. I'm not trying to play games but I am sick of him thinking it's okay for him not to text me back, shoot I am scared that he will cancel again since he doesn't really plan, but I just need advice. If it matter he is 33 and I am 24.

I was going to wait for him to text me and for me not to text him.


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  • so when was da last time exactly u texted him?


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  • ''I'm not trying to play games''

    Actually that's exactly what you're trying to do, you even admitted it...


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  • Don't just text back and forth.
    Enforce the actual plan.

    Go and pick up his son an do the event.

    He just seems like the guy who won't do things unless he has to.

    Texting isn't helping.

    Call him directly and say "I am on my way. I will be there in 10 mins"