Under what circumstances is it ok to date someone on the rebound?

Being rebounded sucks, I've been through it but let's just say you do date someone on the rebound when are the circumstances ok?

Would it be if you're both on the same page or you both admit you just want a hookup?

My my experience with it was bad. The one who rebounded on me just wanted a hookup but hid behind wanting a relationship and then ditched me when I shows feelings back. I had a nearly year long dry spell with dating altogether before her and i thought even being rebounded was worse than the dry spell.


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  • When you let the person know that you're on a rebound.

    • Yeah but what if they start acting like they like you a lot as if they want a relationship? That's what happened to me and it really fucked with my head.

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  • Under no circumstances. I wouldn't do it if I were you.

    • Yeah I have prior experience and from what I can say is when you date someone on the rebound, you might be in their position after it ends. And what I mean by that is if you dated someone who used you as a rebound, you might date someone else after but still have feelings for the rebounder or just not be over them. It's an ongoing cycle.

      Basically, after I got rebounded I dated many people (albeit very short term) and when it didn't work out the rebounder would still come back to mind. Like it took me longer to get over the rebounder than it did with others I dated afterwards.

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