Hwo do I show interest in guys? Apparantly I suck at it?

I have realised that im really bad at showing interest in guys, even when im really interested, and im not a 100% sure how to deal with it.

When it comes to guys smiling at me for example. This guy at my gym smiled at me once, but it tok me a while to prosess it, and i didn't realise he smiled at me before after i had past him.

When im talking to a guy, and he's obviously interested in me, i have problems showing it, face to face and online. I have notcied that i "test" guys interest in me (meaning they "have to message me many times first so to show their interest in me), and for the most part i guess im not showing interest back because a lot of guys stop showing as much interest as they did at thestart. And things normally never works out.

I obviously know nothing about guys.. and im aslo afraid of comming of as too strong as well as comming of as too uninterested/uninteresting.

So wha to do`? and please dont day "just start showing interest in the guy" because that doesn't help me at all since i apparantly dont have any knowlege when it comes to guys and dating... so anyone that can help?

I have tried smiling at guys and stuff, but i either chicken out or fail lol...


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  • Personally if I like a girl and she tries to test my patience by seeing how many times I message, it's normal to drop her, some guys may still carry on but by giving us a choice of either carry on or give up without any clear context for either we're going to give up, men are simple folk, we don't neccesarily 'read' girls signals as well as you would think.


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  • Yeah forcing guys to message you more than once to get a reply isn't helping your cause at all, most guys will just assume you're not interested if you ignore the first message.

    • I dont ignor them, what I ment was that when we first talk they have to start the convo a lot, thats all

  • Don't worry some of us our oblivious as fuck :/

    "I have tried smiling at guys and stuff, but i either chicken out or fail lol... "
    Concur that ^ lol
    Start messaging first too and playfully tease\joke around sometimes

  • Any kind of physical contact is good.

  • its too long word :(

    • what? do you mean too long of a question?

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    • okay :) my question is how to show interest in guys? Im really bad at it and a lot of times i show disinterst ratgher then interest? How to show interest in guys i like or want?

    • I will teach you, send me massage :)

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