If I become closer to my female friends should I ask then for dating advice?

I have a feeling I will be growing a lot closer to female friends of mine. Is it ok to ask them for Dating advice? I find my male friends dating advice to not be very helpful. To know how to approach a girl shouldn't you ask a girl? This is just a thought because of the lousy advice I've gotten from friends in the past. Maybe I can even get advice on how to dress? I'm not sure do girls mind helping out their guy friends?


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  • Probably not. They will give you the same 'women like nice guys' bullshit, which could not be further from the truth.
    Look up the pick-up artist videos. You can also buy DVDs made by male dating coaches.
    Also, look up the MGTOW videos on YouTube. You might change you mind about dating women.

    • But from most people I've noticed that they get advice from those but it's actually the person the person's traits they like. The actual advice it give is what makes the women confused and seen as a negative. I think those may provide confidence or fake confidence but the actual advice isn't good.

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    • This is actually what I have been thinking. That women now aren't interested in me. Not because of looks or personality but what I have to offer. I offer a real relationship on that will last. I'm marriage material. And girls my age aren't looking for that. Is this similar to what you are saying?

    • @Rloco Yes, that is what I am saying. Between the ages of about 15 and 25-30 around 80 per cent of females go through the bad-boy phase, during which they chase the 20 per cent of males who are bad boys. Decent men need not apply.
      For example, during my 20s I was a television and radio presenter, print journalist, honours graduate, had a reserve commission in the army, was a dedicated student of a martial art, liked European cars and designer clothes and had the money to indulge my tastes. I had also been prevailed upon to do some modelling, from time to time.
      Could I get a girlfriend for even just a date? Not a freaking chance! I averaged about one date per year and seldom a second date. I was "too nice" and/or not "fun" enough, so I was told.
      When I saw one gorgeous girl after another with knuckle-dragging Neanderthal throwbacks and/or sundry bad boys the female preference for retarded losers became apparent.
      You have to find the 20 per cent of girls who want decent young men.

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  • Of course you should. That's what friends are there for, right?


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  • Most women give very bad dating advice. They answer with what intellectually seems nice, when your main challenge is likely generating attraction. Most women aren't able to intellectualu describe what behavior would generate a given feeling (most men can't either). Now if you do have a particular female friend who is very self aware she might give excellent advice. But it's rare.

    A safer bet is to get advice from guys who date a lot.

  • While it's ok to ask for dating advice, girls give terrible dating advice to guys, so don't bother.