Was I right to distance myself from this girl due to online problems we had , we got along in person?

i just sort of lost interest in spending time with her at the bar after some stuff happened online that really annoyed me and lead me to wonder if she was even being honest with me to begin with. i found out she had 2 facebook accounts , one was a sweet and innocent version of her back home and another more sexed up /cool account for when she was at school in the city. and she wouldn't add me to the cool account so i had no idea what was there. she also wouldn't reply to anything i sent her online even though she'd talk to me in person at bar. i also tried to add her on twitter but she also ignored my request and wouldn't reply to anything i sent her. it just lead me to get very frustrated with her and lose trust in her and suspect there might be some sort of issue or some reason for her behaviour and that she didn't feel we were close friends once we left the bar. to summerize i tried to add her online and we knew each other from real life but she wouldn't even reply or anything so i got annoyed


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  • You do know that some girls think it's better not to add a guy they are interested in on social media because they want to stay somewhat mysterious and give you a chance to get to know them without being an open book as you already know all about them from their FB account? Doesn't mean she's hiding something. It could actually be a sign of interest.

    • I don't know but she was someone I already knew from real life , and why did she have 2 separate facebook accounts , including one that showed her in a more sexual manner?
      she was also away at school so online would of been only way we could of stayed in touch and she instead choose to ignore me and meet other guys at bars and clubs

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    • But then again, sometimes it's good to trust your gut feeling, especially when you generally don't have trust issues.

    • yeah I saw her meet other guys at bars when I was there , I wasn't the only guy she talked to , I'm pretty sure all her accounts are still active but due to privacy settings being so extreme I'm not sure what is there , I just couldn't get over the fact she never once even replied to me online and I tried multiple times to contact her yet she'd talk to me in person it was rather odd

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  • if u were gettin along in person... then y? :|

    • her online presence was just off something about it didn't seem right to me, it lead me to lose trust in her. the fact she wouldn't even add me to twitter really made me question what she was hiding from me on her page that I would of found so bad she didn't want me to see? she was definity hiding something from me online, I never exactly figured out what

    • is she seein somebody else?

    • its possible I'm not really sure I haven't heard anything from her in months and only saw her once at a bar and we didn't even talk then , she was with some guys but they might of been more friends?

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