Is Thai girls most of them cheating on their boyfriends/husbands?

I've been dating Thai girl then my friend warned me to stay away of them because most of them aren't honest in their relationships?


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  • This is likely incorrect. Thai women are typically devout Buddhists or Catholics and tend to be conservative and traditional. They value truthfulness and loyalty above nearly everything else. In fact, their number one complaint about Thai men is that they are compulsive cheaters.

    If this Thai girl is from a good family, she is probably a real pearl. But do not make the mistake of thinking that she is “submissive” because she is Asian. This is a fallacy brought about by cultural misunderstandings. Asian women are taught to maintain a certain modest demeanor in public but they can and do assert themselves in the privacy of a relationship.

    My best advice is to have your friend study Thai culture and the Asian perspective in general.

    Your friend got his misimpression from the infamous reputation of “B” girls (bar girls) from Bangkok. These women are prostitutes that have elevated the “girlfriend experience” to an art. They will dote on you and “oooh” and “ahhh” like you are the second coming of Jesus Christ and they are in the midst of rapture. But when they say “I love you long time,” it means until you run out of money. I would also be leery of women on Thai dating sites. They are usually opportunity seekers.

    In defense of these types of woman, you must understand the unmitigated poverty they face in their homeland. Many third world people live on the equivalent of $2.00 per day, American.


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  • A lady living in Thailand or a Thai lady in a western country? it could be true cis most of them need and love money too much.

    • u just said as what my friend said too they're just looking for money.

    • If you are with an average lady, there could be a chance she is scamming from three other pppl and they could be from online. These men could be old dudes.

  • well the image of them aren't so good. should see their social media and make up your mind then. depends who she is? did she grew up in thailand or in English country.

    • in Thailand.

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    • actually i feel disgusting from her that's why im asking i thought im wrong or unfair to her but seems i should break it all down. thanks for sharing ur experience and yes i heard such a thing their society are unmerciful especially towards foreigners.

    • hope it went well with you

  • don't trust stereotypes

    • so should i put my future in risk to don't believe the stereotypes? sum of them got experiences i could help me instead of falling into a deep well without any way out.

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  • As if it mattered... they're in the bottom of the pyramid.

    • u had any previous experiences before about them?

  • Buddy your friend he simply correct i would suggest to date any gurl from anywhere except Thailand 99.9 will cheat on you doesn't matter you're a good guy , handsome or not all the matter is Money and Sex so this is not the right one for you if you are the type of so good so this is not a place i could suggest for you and i had bad experience before i just don't like to tell.

    • thank you for your help.