Is potential for me and my coworker to be more than just friends?

I just got this job and have become very close with the guy I will be replacing. He is joining the Army and will be ending work in two weeks, and they brought me on early so he could teach me what exactly to do. Ends up him and I are very similar people, and we literally share all the same hobbies, music choice, etc. We text every single day after work and have also on the weekends. We end up staying at work longer than necessary just to talk and hangout. He's even said to me he has never enjoyed work so much until I came to work with him.
Obviously we have some chemistry, but we've never actually hung out or anything outside of work. I honestly have never been one for serious relationships, but this is actually someone I would really like to have that with. He leaves for training in three months, so there is opportunity to see him after he leaves his job as well.
What can I do to sort of push/show that I want to make this more than the friendship? Is this even a possibility in your mind?


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  • Give him your number

    • He has it? We text every day like I said

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    • True, I could see that becoming uncomfortable! Good to hear it from someone in similar shoes

    • So I would say just continue what your doing and maybe say something one night that your really hungry and hint to have him ask you out during your late talks at work.

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