Should I GO OUT with her again?

Hello everyone,
I met this woman online, been going out with her for 7-8th dates.
Kissed her since first date, lately i was being in her friends' house, they just moved in,
we both still kissing, caressing each other at sofa but no sex.
The most is i only ''made a move'' aka touching her boobs while we sitting darkly in cinema.
Her personality's similar with me, but her appearance... just normal,
kinda short chubby.. i don't have problems conversing with her, feeling much ''comfortable'' at this moment.
Should I go out with her again?
I mean im somehow sexually attracted to her, but im feeling something's ''missing'' currently

We been talking about sex since first date, she actually said, ''it's not proper to have sex at friend's house''
i was not sure she was testing me, or just the truth.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • you should continue.

    • i know it's important to make a woman feels safe and comfortable with your presence. so that she can ''open up'' to you physically, mentally, spiritually.
      But something is missing, i just don't know...
      i know she's falling for me day by day..

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What Girls Said 1

  • I think maybe you should go on a few more dates and if there is something still missing you should stop. And I also think it's not proper to have sex at a friend's house, unless they are kay with it


What Guys Said 1

  • continue to date her, that missing link will appear soon one day.

    • hope so... just trying to be nice not exactly saying ''I WANT TO BE DEEP INSIDE YOU'' on her face lmaooooo

    • Oh yeah bruh, don't wanna freak her out just yet