What is his deal?

I like my best friends brother he is 3-4 years younger than me. We have been talking on the phone every night for the past two weeks... then like a couple of days ago we met for pretty much the first time. I hung out with him and his sister (my bff) and we got along great! We flirted a bunch! Well then that night he sent me a text saying that I was mean, so I called him and said I was sorry and he said it's cool, he knew I was playing around with him I realized. Anyways so we kept talking then he said call me later when your family goes to be and I said alright...so then I called him like 2 hours later and he was soo mean to me. He told me I was clingy (but yet he tells me to call him, and he does text me) then tells me I am a drama queen( all I'm wondering is why are you talking to me then) and then he says that I remind him of his sister. Then he starts asking me about this other guy that I'm going to go on a date with, and I'm like why are you asking if you don't care and he says I do and then I dont, and he says I'm just curious what you can't tell me. He even asked me if I was talking to this guy while I was talking to him. I don't understand why he goes from being curious about my dating life if he don't care. So it started off that way and ended with the whole him being mean by saying I'm a drama queen, etc. than telling me that nothing could happen between us. So the next day I didn't text him he tells his sister he thinks I'm mad at him and that his main priority up here is to get back with his ex gf...but later that night he texts me and says hope you had a great day, I of course responded and asked him what he was doing and he was like eh just keeping busy by doing nothing something along the lines of that...so then I text him today because I'm thinking we are cool and say working hard? ;) and he's says yeah I'm still cutting trees.Im not going to text him unless he sends me another message...but now I'm like alright what the heck? Are we friends? Why is he talking to me if he is trying to get with his ex? Why did he ask me about my date that I'm going to have? What's his deal all together I totally do not understand him.


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