Guys, should I talk to him or nah?

I might have this guy who likes to act like an alpha male but a softie in the inside. I dont think he likes to chat online that much but anyway yesterday he has asked me whether i like the profile picture since i advised him to change it. I jokingly said "i prefer the original photos, but wow you are so not photogenic". At the same time, we were deciding our next date so i was telling him Saturday was alright. He then completely ignored my joke and only answered sure with the Saturday date. I then felt really bad that I said, Hey I was just joking, but you look better in person ;P where is your confidence goneee? Thinking about it, okay that was not really a compliment... and i then asked what time we are meeting. He has not replied back to my message ever since... ummm... what should i do, should i apologise?


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  • Yes, you should at least try. Don't apologize until you find out EXACTLY why he's sore or ignoring you or whatever.


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  • Anything over text can be misunderstood Frapp. Your joke went over like a f'n lead balloon girl. That's why I only make dates over text, makes my game in person top notch.

    Give it some time to see how butt hurt he is, if he is even alpha at all why is he butt hurt?

    • Oooohkkk 😣😣 i will remember that. That probably makes sense. He is really chatty in person but not online, yea he has made the date top notch.

    • this is based on my presumption though. I might be wrong

  • talk to him for sure

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