Can you see his point of view?

I met him on okcupid. He's a two hour drive away. Talked for hours on the phone and last week scheduled a first date for tomorrow. He seems a good guy.
Today he texted and I took 4 hours to respond and said I was busy. Then said later I had bad news I had to cancel because my nephew needed his appendix taken out so have to drive an hour the other way instead to visit my nephew. An hour later he texted back saying thanks for trying to spare my feelings and will say a prayer in case my nephew really is that sick.
i said sorry you feel that way I was going to suggest meeting next week. He said, but you didn't nor did you ask how my day was. It's ok if I'm too far or some other reason, it's no reason to feel bad about not wanting to meet. Seems like big coincidence that's all.
I don't know what to think about this. Can you see his point of view?


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  • He has probably been rejected a lot and has confidence issues. Dating can be really hard on guys since we are the onces who take the majority of the rejections. One to many can destroy a mans confidence to the point of acting in poor judgment like he did, we are human afterall. I would try to arrange another date, I know women love confidence but a guy needs a few victories before he can regain it after a lot of losses. Give him a chance. If after a few dates he is still acting this way then you should be conserned, though at that point he will be overflowing with confidence, and also feel like an ass for jumping to conclusions.


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  • He has confidence issues that's all. He jumped to the conclusion that you didn't like him and assumed you were making up excuses.

  • Insecure about himself I guess, why elsewould he insist on all the passive aggressive victimizing attitude?


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