Inseparable League team dating, then nothing. I have no idea what just happened. Was I dumped?

First I want to make a disclaimer before I start. Most of you gamers out there will understand where I am coming from. I play League and sometimes you just end up playing with people constantly the ones that you see everyday. So much so that you build this repoor and you become best friends. Then it might turn into something else. Which in this case mine did. But the problem I am having is that I am older than he is. Im a veteran player for years and im in my mid 30's. He is around 22. We had so much in common, log on everyday and have so much fun, he moved servers in another game for me, my guild geared him, things were awesome. We were planning to meet eventually. However in the background was some looming issues. Such as he still lived with his mom, didn't really work, was only going to school part time. Knowing this (whoa just had deja vu) I still decided to not pay attention to it and just roll with it. He was saying things like when we live together, when we get married... I wasn't the one to initiate those conversations. I said well you need to think about this leaving your friends and family to come here you're very young so you might want to really think about it. I believe I might have jinxed us entirely. I would tell him about my friends saying he was too young and he would get upset. The next week (last week) out of no where he pulls a complete jekyl and hyde and goes "yeah well I was joking around with my friends/family to try to see how they would take your age and well... they didn't". So here I am, no longer plays with me in league, tried to talk to him today blew me off. It was really hard for me seeing I didn't talk to him for a week since I needed to collect my thoughts. Then mid conversation he logs off on me. This is SO out of his character. Then I write him on Skype no answer. Like wow thanks? I know he wasn't entirely over his exgf, so I think that might have been an issue too. Seeing her now? Probably. B/C how is it so easy to just drop someone?


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  • I am a gamer but dont play league lol half of it confused be because I dont play leage lol he thinks you are too old or something? I dunno lol

  • Sounds like you were dumped... Did you have a relationship in the real world or just online?

    • Was online but we skyped video, etc. Pretty much every day. Then like... just nothing. Yeah pretty much I got dumped.

    • Sorry to hear. Like a long distance relationship... hard to keep going.

    • Very much so. It takes a certain type of person to keep this running. I've seen a few people actually make something out of it but... I think most fail.

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