Would you move to another city if you couldn't get a date where you lived?

what would you do if you were in such a situation and for whatever reasons couldn't have any success at dating where you lived or maybe had bad rumours going around about you that may or may not even be true . or you had been accused of something and couldn'[t get the girls to date you because of those accusations .

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  • Regardless of the opportunities to date individuals, especially in the town where I live. I would not move to another town and throw away my hard efforts for a successful future. I have my family, friends, school, work, and other leading priorities here. All of those priorities, significantly, outweigh any opportunity to meet new women.

    With bad rumors, I wouldn't necessarily try to "make people believe otherwise"; however, I would try to show that I am not that individual anymore and I would start by putting "my best foot forward". Meaning if people always thought of me as a player that hurts women, I would stick solely to being a friend with women rather than pursueing a relationship for a while. This in turn would give me some extra time to focus on my priorities like work and school.

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    • Well I guess it depends how strong your roots are to where you live , myself I didn't want to leave when I was younger but did go to college for 2 years in another city and meet many more girls there than at home . it also might depend on the seriouness of the rumors and impact they had or how often girls were accusing the guy of them .

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  • I'd seriousy consider it, I've had rumours about me before which has destroyed friendships with a lot of people I knew, there are a few girls who don't mind, but they are playing (too) hard to get. I still live in the same area, but I've dated a lot of girls from out of the town... So I'd consider it if I wasn't able to date someone.

    • Yeah that's what I find the girls here who know me are playing extremly hard to get and don't seem to trust me no matter what I do . and I don't feel I've done anything that serious and have no criminal record but either way its been a bit difficult to meet anyone , I'm planning on going to college/ moving to another city in january hopefully and try and start fresh , its all rather iffy but I think it might work out

    • Yes its hard to gain trust, its one of my useful attributes, I have still got quite a few female friends, just not girlfriends... But I had to get their trust, usually I had to share personal feelings with them just to show I trusted them with personal things about me and they reciprocate. As for dating yea I think some girls here are still careful about me, no idea why though, I'm the least likely guy in my area to harm anyone. A fresh start would be good I think, I hope to get one myself.

  • Since I'm getting older, I think I'd consider it. But since I have a disability, I'm becoming more and more content on just being by myself.

    But if I was healthy, I think I would most definitely move if I felt it would help make a change in my dating life.