Recently been dating around, few girls.
My elder cousin and my female workmate, telling me, ''hey, you should FOCUS ON ONE instead of dating many girls.''
I understand your female perspective, that deep down inside women wanted to be feel appreciated that the fact YOU'RE DATING ONLY HER symbolizes she's so important to you!
But nowadays, I don't think so. By dating only one girl, you're limiting yourself exposed to different types of personalities, girls, situations, plus you'll be making more mistakes (ie, appear needy, desperate wanting to have her attention on you bla bla bla). Having abundance of choices in life, no matter it's dating, working related... is so important lol

I just wondering sometimes, where can i find open minded girls, im living in Asian country, most of them are raised in conservative family, i don't go bars clubs usually, but im not too introvert, some of them also be freaked out by the culture of cold approaching (not sure, maybe it's based on how an individual approach the girls)


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  • You are SO right. As long as you allow the girls you are dating to date other guys as well. Ethical polyamory is the best way to go and most natural. Your friends sisters, and anyone downvoting this comment are simply a product of their unquestioned cultural customs (which, evidently, are failing and falling apart -for good reason).

    Ok Cupid allows for a check box where you can find specifically non monogamous people. You can try Meet ups as well. Or just knowing what you want and being honest about it help bring like-minded people around. For further understanding I recommend reading "the ethical slut" and "sex at dawn" perhaps "more than two" as well.

    The people who don't agree with you are just ignorant, sadly so.

    • The irony is that the people who think a girl in a polyamorous relationship doesn't feel needed or like she is good enough couldn't be further from the truth. The girls I have dated couldn't believe what they were missing out on and said their previous monogamous relationships were the ones where they felt unwanted and undesired, neglected etc.

      They say they are "too jealous" well then... you are too jealous. regardless of the circumstances of your relationship, that is no excuse to "resort" to monogamy. So silly.

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    • Traditionally, girls are conditioned to be monogamous, because of the threat of having unwanted pregnancy, being called as a ''slut'' in their community. So, it's still acceptable, you can't change people's perspective, only yours!

    • Yes, that is the sad truth, society has turned in many wrong directions in recent times (few thousand years)

      You can make someone feel accepted, be non-judgmental, empower them and their sexual autonomy.

      It might be harder in the country you are living in, but I know the trends are changing in Canada and America (thank God)

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  • There is no specific place in which "open-minded" girls hang out. You should rely on luck or you should try online dating where you can read a summary of their character.


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