Online 'Friendship'? he interested?...confused.

Long story short. Me and a guy started msging each other on a dating site through a forum. He's 19, I am older (33) obviously I wasn't intending on hitting on him. It was just friendly chat.

We've since added each other to MSN and actually stayed up ALL night talking on a few occasions. I am starting to fall for him. He isn't very experienced and seems shy. We both have confidence issues. He has said that he doesn't think I would find it hard to find someone. Says I am funny etc.

We live fairly close to each other and he is always asking if I have anything planned. He does talk about wanting to meet someone and have a relationship. I just don't know whether he likes me in tha way, my age doesn't seem to bother him.

what are the signs online that he's interested? Would YOU stay up and talk to someone all night to someone who you weren't interested in?

I'm a grown up but have never felt so confused. Thanks in adcance


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  • You said it yourself, he has confidence issues. Yeah he probably likes you, but be careful with him. He's probably very inexperienced with relationships, possibly never even had any, and is looking for anything he can get.

    • Thanks for replying wanacot. I am very aware of his inexperience and don't want to scare him away or hurt him in anyway, I just didn't know if he saw me as someone to confide in. Suppose I'll never know if I don't ask...gently. Thanks.

  • Wow that's almost exactly the same situation I was in, except you are 33 instead of 34. I'd say he most likely likes you. And I think going on a date with a much younger guy will be an interesting experience, I'd say go for it, but don't expect it to turn into something long term in the end, though it is possibility.

    • Nacelunk...what happened with your situation if you don't mind me asking...

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    • And no sex wasn't the only thing we did. We were going out to museums, restaurants and parks almost every day and had amazing times. If not for her boyfriend, things would turn out completely different than they did.

    • Ah, Sorry to hear that. I don't know why, I presumed you were the older one. I hope you find happiness again soon :o(

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