When do you think it is time?

to tell a guy that you like him? There is this guy that I met 2 months ago in a trip. Until two weeks ago we could go out for our first date, al though I dont call it a date it was more than a get together. At the end of our first get togehter, we made out and kissed each other rather passionately hugs included. We text each other every once in a while, not everyday, just like one time each week, although this week we texted ech other 3 days in a row, but we dont usually do this. He is not much of a texter I assume because I think most men do behave like that, they dont like to text so much like women do and when they do they go straight to the point, maybe is a guy personality trait thing. , who knows!! This guy is like that he never initiates text conversations with me, it can pass 2 weeks and I dont hear from him at all, that is why Im the one initiating contact like each week so at least he knows I still want to get in touch with him and get to know him Im the one doing it, but when I do text thim, we text like 3 hours, exchanging conversations.

For the way he texts me when he does eitehr he is teasing and flirting with me or he really likes me. He likes the way I dress and some of my fashion style, he told me. I told him once I found him attractive, but he did not say anything back then. In one of those text conversations, out of the blue and I was not expecting he said because we were talking about a different topic at at that moment he told me: "Next time you invite and pay". He said that because at our first get together he paid for the both of us, even if hours earlier the date took place he told me by phone that he did not have any money. I assume he told me that beause perhaps he did not have money to pay for both nad maybe just him, my assumption, at that moment I told him Not to worry each one can pay for own but like I said at the end he paid for both.

I like this guy but I want to tak things slowly, like first as friends, and then so on but

is there a right time to tell a guy you like him and not scare him away or coming to strong? Or I better do not tell him anything at all? I mean I think I won't be happy if this guy will end up with another chick after all of small things that had happened so far between us, if you can consider that something.
We are both grown up in our mids 40's.


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  • just take it slow then.