Girls, I have a question, my friends girlfriend tells me I m a good looking guy but girls won't allow me to know it myself or treat me like one?

it made me think... irl i m down to earth and modest. do girls do this so i won't have a big head? so it doesn't make their lives difficult?

she said something like they won't let me know or something

be honest, dont put me down as i see a lot of bitter type of girls always putting men down on here. but when an average girl has self esteem issues and ask about their looks, they rate her way too high


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  • Every girl will have different opinions about what they find attractive. So while one girl might think you're attractive, another might think your just average or whatever. It really varies from person to person. The other thing about girls is that, attractiveness isn't just based on looks. A guy could be like classically good looking, but if he has a bad attitude he becomes less attractive. It's basically why the word douche-bag was coined.
    As long as you are happy with yourself, and feel confident forget the haters. Don't waste time around people who try to put you down, they're just assholes.


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  • Here's a secret. Girls aren't that powerful. If you're good lucking, you know it...

  • i dont think so.

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