Mixed signals from a guy. Can guys flirt and want nothing more?

Went out on 2 dates with a guy and have been talking to him for a month. I can really see the potential in liking him but am guarded with my feelings right now because I keep getting mixed messages.

We get along so well and have heaps in common. I know he's attracted to me. He's told me many times. He tells me he thinks i'm smart, beautiful and funny. He also tells me he loves how witty I am. His body language towards me also indicates he's really inti me. He reads my messages but he'll only ever really message me at night even though he's online during the day on whatsapp. He hasn't added me on facebook either.

He drove an hour after his work to see me and show me a new hangout spot. He tried to kiss me and I told him no (I don't want to fall for him if he doesn't want a relationship) as I wasn't sure what he wanted - friends with benefits or looking for a relationship. He told me he doesn't want to play me but that he got out of a relationship a year ago and it messed him up so now he's focusing on his career and that a relationship is low on his priority list. He then went on to say he loves flirting amd doesn't want to stop talking with me. Can a guy put in that much effort just to flirt with a girl? He keeps telling me he doesn't fool around etc.


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  • no, he's certainly interested in you. you do have to open up a little bit though or you risk him moving on! all those things are things guys do when interested in a girl

    • But he said a relationship isn't high on his priority list right now but he enjoys flirting with me. He however hasn't messaged me in 3 days and he usually only messages at night :/ I hate all these mixed signals.

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  • its just flirting.