What's an easy way to have the 'where is this going' talk?

I'm seeing this guy and I want to be exclusive
I don't want to sound demanding or whatever though and it's nerve racking bringing it up, especially because I'm not sure if he would be open to a commitment or if he just wants fun
whats an easy, fooproof way to go about it?

I haven't had sex with him yet but I want to when I see him next. But I want us to be exclusive first


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  • maybe u can say something like, "we've been hanging out for some time and I enjoy our time spent with each other. could u see us being in a relationship?" doesn't have to be those exact words. you're not wrong for asking. so dont feel like your being demanding.


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  • Take some time aside from a date or something and say something like "I like you a lot and I'd like to know if this is going somewhere." Ask him if he likes you, and if he does, then say you'd like to make it official. No, you won't sound demanding if you ask him that so don't worry.

  • guess wby da tme u r both relaxed? ;)


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  • I don't think asking that question should make things awkward.
    You don't want to waste your time.
    That's pretty understandable.

    I'd probably say, "so, what are you looking for? A relationship or just fun?"

  • I suppose when you're both out for a quiet dinner. I would ask during desert. But that's a bit strange...

    That would be something usually found out during the first date.

    • Lol, you're going to ask the guy ''where is this going?'' on the first date?

    • No. Let's use some common sense. On the first date, both people find out what they want in a relationship and what they're looking for.

    • I know what you mean. People naturally make it known if they are open to something serious or just want to hook up
      With this guy I'm not sure because it's been pretty chilled and gradual.
      I don't want to rush for a full relationship but at least being exclusive should be no big deal if he likes me and no one else right?