Can dating a really good guy friend ruin the friendship?

so I like this guy and he likes me back but just recently he said that we're too good of friends to date. yeah we've been friends for a while but we never really talked before this year. we've hung out a lot and we talk but not every day all the time. could he be using this as an excuse? he hasn't had the best girlfriends and I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it. like if that makes him afraid to be in relationships. so if we dated would that ruin our friendship?


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  • hey, I went out with a friend who at one point considered to be the sister I never had. And really I don't believe it did. Because when we both broke up we made it clear that the awkwardness was to great while going out, and that it was nicer to have them as a friend.

    SO you could try to go out with them (we went out for about a month and a half) and if it seems like it isn't what you wanted. Tell him this in a manner were you basically say: (mark is example name)

    Hey Mark,

    I really like you, but I think it was funner being your friend instead of your girlfriend. SO I'd really like to just go back to the old ways, because it was less awkward.

    But yea, id send you the exact message I sent when we broke up, but that MySpace was deleted.

    So any who give it a try, and make it clear in the beginning that it might not last if it seems awkward compared to being just friends.


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