Do small skinny girls like small skinny guys?

Girls, do you ever like skinny short small guys? I'm 5'4'' and 120 pounds. I know girls tend to like guys who are taller then them and I here and their I'll see a girl who's like 5ft. Honestly I don't care if she's taller than me. That doesn't matter.


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  • I'm bigger than u so that's not really a turn on

    I'm 5'6 124 lbs.
    But if I was treated right I guess I'd give it a shot.

    • I don't see a difference honestly. Two inches is practically nothing. haha You could wear high heels and I still wouldn't care :)

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    • Yeah I chat with girls on pof and tinder pretty often. I've probably arranged 20 dates by now through those two methods, but I've only been on about 5 dates with girls I've met online since most of them bail at the last minute. Those girls are flaky though, plus I think they just have too many options, so it's hard to get them on a date. I was at a dance hall last weekend and got two numbers, none of which called me back. To answer your question I try everything you mentioned, but I never gave bars or clubs much of a chance.

    • U should give it a try.

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  • u r not dat skinny bro LOL

    • I'm definitely not one of those guys you see working at subway where they have sticks for arms. At least I have some muscle tone. haha

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    • Oh I was thinking about body fat percentage. That's right I do believe I'm around the same as you for BMI. I believe for a six pack to show you have to be below 10 percent body fat.

    • basically it must b around 20-21 in yer case

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