How would you feel if your kid has been "dating" some random kid over the internet?

Lets say you just found out about them dating someone online and they are under 18, how would you react? This is just a random thing I thought of xD

  • Be happy if they are happy.
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  • Think nothing of it and continue on with my daily routine.
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  • Make everything awkward for them, anyway I can.
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  • I would want to meet the kid and their parents right away.
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  • Scream at them and be really mad.
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  • Take away their phone/device and internet.
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  • Think I was a bad parent; they should have known better!
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  • Well, I am quite sceptical of modern communication and especially social media myself, so I will most likely teach my future children a healthy amount of respect and caution concerning internet chats and the like. I strongly believe that if children are brought up well, if parents actually take the time to discuss and explain things with/to them, children can be very mature even at a young age. I was on internet chats myself when I was 13 or 14 and I knew pretty exactly what sort of behavior from other users was normal and what sort of behavior should make my alarm bells go off. So if we assume that I will do a good job educating my child, I will most likely be quite passive and give the responsibility to my child. I believe that this is a part of growing up and it shouldn't be interfered too much by parents. I was very glad my parents weren't control freaks and I don't to be like that either. Also, I think if I'm actually a caring, loving dad and not just the type of father who goes to work and leaves the rest to his wife, I would know my child well enough to notice when sometime strange was going on. In that case, I would sit my child down together with my girlfriend/wife and have a good old talk about it (not a patronizing, police-parent kind of talk, just a normal, curious talk to see if our kid is okay).


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  • eh ok i'd tolerate it


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  • Seeing as most people lie about their age on the internet i would want to meet my daughters boyfriend.
    this stresses me out severely -_- my daughters two and the thought of her growing up and dating bothers me. lolol

  • I would do my research on this person. Online or real life. Don't want my kids to get catfished.