Where do you cuddle with your girlfriend / boyfriend?

I'm in love with my best friend, who loves me back. But if we ever become a couple, we won't be able to go out. There isn't any distractions in my poor country. My home would be the best place, but we can't even cuddle here, because there is my little sister, the maid and my jalouse dad who are always around the house. I've never had a boyfriend before. So, I what's the point of being a couple when we can't cuddle or go out? Its like we were only friends, right? Do you think there is a chance for us to still cuddle? This morning, he told me via text that he wish we were more than friends but I didn't answer yet because I don't really see how to make a difference about it. Its a long distance relationship, I'm studying in USA now. He and my whole house and family is in Haiti. He can't travel in USA because he doesn't have a us visa. But I go see them every 6 months.

Thank you very much already.

I'm 19, he's 22.


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  • nowhere, I'm single :)


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  • Somewhere in the wild.

  • on da beach 8)

    • They wouldn't let me go on a beach with him.

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