What does this mean coming from your first love?

Knowing my first love, he was my best guy friend that I always had laughs and smiles with. He moved to California, and I told him that no matter what.. I was going to see him, be on the beach with him, go travel California with him.
We were DESPERATELY missing each other. It was crazy.. When we grew up together, we always talked on the phone. He was telling me how I was such a positive person and that I would be such a positive impact on his family for him. He never got along with family well due to his bad issues. Other than that, we liked each other nonstop. We had a bright future for us. It started to fade when we were losing contact. I was getting angry with him because he would read my messages, but not respond. We got in fights. Bam! We were done.. About a month ago, I contacted him back because I missed my best friend.. He approached me with a "Don't talk to me! I got a girlfriend. You thot! My girlfriend is my best friend.." So that ended shortly. I left him alone..

I decided to follow him on Instagram.
He followed me back, which I'm REALLY shocked. His girlfriend and him are not doing so good anymore..
He has 878 followers, and 631 followings. I never thought he'd follow me..

Why would he follow me when he said that?


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  • He is prob looking to keep door open


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  • Wow, that was fucking rude of him... all asshole-ism aside, I think he was probably just offened about something, and I think he is most likely still interested in you. Best of luck <3

  • wow! such an ass. don't talk to such a person. my opinion.