Girls, how long should I wait?

You're standing in line. A cute guy has a brief flirty conversation with you before asking for your number. I specifically used the line "you're really cute, can I have your number?"
So how long should I wait before scheduling a date? Should I text her for a week first? Two weeks?

  • Schedule Right Away! First text!
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  • Schedule after two days of texting.
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  • Schedule after five days of texting.
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  • ... a week
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  • more than a week.
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  • right away.


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  • Soon, but not in the first text. Start up a text conversation first and see where things go -she gave you her number in response to an expression of attraction, which is a good sign, but "hey, I'm that guy from the line -want to go [X] on [date]?" isn't really the best opener.

    • Yeah I've opened with that. To be honest, it comes across as kinda thirsty.

    • Does thirsty mean desperate in this context?

  • Schedule a date soon so she won't lose interest, also talking in person is a so much better way to get to know someone rather than texting. texting is awful and gets boring.

    • I really hate texting too so...
      and some girls rock in person but suck to text