So what do I do now?

Well ok how my ex hugged me yesterday which is werid and starred starring at me today was his last day seniors last day of school :/ so I didn't see him all day only in the morning I got sad I won't see him and my friend started texting him if he still had feelings and stuff he said I don't know anymore then says I'm just a friend -_- then why would he stare at me and why would he get jealous at my friend guy friend for talking to me and getting close he had a girlfriend before but he's not with her ay more any my ways he basically my friend that texted him was a girl lol she told me to give him a emotion letter I wrote... I gave it to him I made it to a heart anyways I gave it to him we hugged he looked upset so did I... but then he walked away then I did to... so now.. I don't know... I'll never see him again... I fell in love with him knowing I was in depression. ..


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  • He probably still has feelings for you

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