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My boyfriend and i have been dating for 7 months now... And he did not invite me to his brothers wedding or reception but told me about it and showed me pictures. Today he tells me a girl invited him to her wedding and he said its a friend and said he rsvp but he has not asked me to be his date for his friends wedding. why and i dont want to say anything for him to think im over reacting. i hope i am not. Just curious.. Plus he was asking me what do female look for in a man.. Like nice eyes.. Hair.. Muscles etc.. As guys look for girls appearance her eyes.. Chest.. Ass etc... Then when i told him are u hitting the gym bc u want a girl to hit on u.. N he said no for himself.. I think he may have a huge ego.. I dunno what to think.. What should i do? ..

Is he not taking me also bc he says when he dances all the girls go crazy for him and want to dance with him... ? ..


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  • The first half is not really suspicious in that he may not have had or has a plus one to these weddings, though if I were him I would have said I wish you were coming but I don't have a plus one.

    The latter half is more suspicious, why would he ask what a girl likes, not specifically what you like in a man. He may certainly be hitting the gym for himself though, a lot of men do it's not all just to look good for girls.

    • Thats what im thinking... So why is it that he is not inviting me to these weddings... doesn't he like me enough to take me? ...

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    • But he didn't and what u r saying makes sense... His bro got married last minute... But his friend they are friends from high school.. My boyfriend n i went to the same high school.. Lost touch and he messaged me on fb... N now we have been dating for 7 months...

    • Do u think he is possibly cheating on me since he is attending these weddings.. Claims he is a good dancer... N all women fall all over him... Is it all talk? ... Or is he looking for someone else? ..

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