Does he really like me?

So 3 months ago I was set up with this guy. We never met in person... I would consider it a blind meeting. So we talked and he was the one to initiate the conversation every day since the day we met. Now as a girl with trust issues, I wanted to see if he was interested which is why i never started the conversations in the beginning. after about a month of talking he finally asked me on a date to dinner and a movie... cliché I know, but that was the first time we had met in person and it was awkward as any first date would be, but we already had a connection from talking everyday. We kissed at the end of the night like normal and then he txted me the day after. Now we see eachother here and there just because he is in the service, but talk on a regular basis. 2 months in he showed jealousy of the thought of me talking to another guy and told me and the next day we got together and kind of hooked up. After that he now talks to me minimally, and I don't want to seem clingy or too interested. (Keep in mind I dont read signs well and stopped talking to guys after my last break up) We didn't have sex just because I didn't feel the he "earned" it and also wanted to see if he would do what he's doing now... No guy drives 40 minuets to see you right? or txts you everyday and carries on the converstion right? HELP!!!


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  • I think he continually keeping in contact with you means he is still interested. I think some guys after being intimate with a girl wonder in their heads what to do next. You might have to really amp up the flirting to for sure let him know you are interested because in my opinion he is having doubts as to whether you are or not.

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