Is he getting controlive?

I'm not aloud to wear:
shirts that show my belly,
g strings in public,
t shirts that show little amount of my boobs.
I'm not aloud to get
Any more piercings,
spray tan ( for my graduation at the end of the year),
fake nails,
days off work,
make up. i can't even talk to my male friends without him asking questions.


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  • Yes, he is controlling, but at the same time I think that he has a point. He does not want you to look like a tramp. Frankly, any girl who would wear a g string in public is giving the fans a free strip show. Not a good look.
    Girls can look sexy, modest and classy at the same time. Men will have a lot more respect for you if you show that respect to yourself.
    I have seen plenty of spray tan disasters. Perhaps he does not want you to look like a carrot at your graduation. It happens.
    Fake nails are a disaster waiting to happen. My daughter had fake nails applied (against my wishes). An infection developed that caused her nails to fall out. It was nasty, painful and it was six months until her hands looked normal again.
    Piercings scream cheap, nasty and trailer trash.
    Days off work are a sign of immaturity, unreliability and a desire to become unemployed and stay that way.
    Make-up. . . depends how it is applied. You can look good without looking like a stripper.
    Also, the word you should have used was 'allowed'. The word 'aloud' means to speak something aloud. Totally different word. Three cheers for Obongo's Common Core disaster.


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  • He is getting wise, and very responsible and caring for your well-being, and that of the relationship. He values modesty in a girl, does not wish to show her off to the world, and also values natural beauty. I support all of these things. Not sure I understand the "days off work" listing, though. And, I'm not sure what kind of girl would weaer a G-string in public!

  • i would not tolerate such a control freak in my live and i don't think you should.
    even if i do agree with him, that you probably should not get more piercings ;-)
    ... but that's just because i'm planing to get older then 50 and tattoos and piercings don't look better the older you get :-P

  • He is being controlling yes. I get that he's trying to look out for you but he's just going overboard. You should have the freedom to do and wear what you want. if he doesn't like that, that's his problem.

  • Yes, These are deep signs of a controlling guy... run away and break up now... And also there are great guys out there who won't exibit such behavior.


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  • He sounds very controlling and very insecure. It's one thing to "want the best for you" it's a whole other to say you can't talk to anyone of the opposite gender. It's really not a healthy situation. I would get out.

  • Yep, that is classic controlling behaviour. He can have an opinion but he cannot make you stop doing things or make you wear certain clothes, etc. Dump this guy.

  • Controlling yes, definitely need to either sort him out or throw him out