(dating a guy I met online - not dating site) ok so is giving him a chance a good idea? what do you think?

there's a guy I have been dating for a month, we aren't in a relationship or anything because we wanted to take it slow. but i would say we're getting realllllly close (like talk everyday and hanging out almost everyday although we live far away from each other)
ok so..
he got a few online female friends. but since we're getting pretty close, we wanted to be open about everything blabla. the fact that he got ONLINE female friends makes me uneasy and he knows it. (ps: i dont have online friends)
so one day..
he delete his snapchat friends (the ones he doesn't personally know) in front of me (i didn't ask him to do that!) and he offered me to check his phone because he said he got nothing to hide.
so i opened his Skype (in front of him) and i opened one of the most recent chats...
apparently he has been talking to this girl almost everyday
well the girl is the one who always start the convo but anyway..
i came across to a couple of messages that shocked me.. they sounded like...


him:"i f1ngered (me) last night"
her:"oh im happy for you but kinda jealous at the same time" "i wish you thought of me while you did that and accidentally say my name"
him:"haha may be i can do that""may be we should fvck" (shes from different country so yeah lol)

then he also sent a picture of me to her and said "this (my pic) might make you feel better"

> i was pissed and felt disgusted so i ditch him on our date.
He looked devastated and regretful. he also tried to stop me from going home so that we can talk.
i managed to lose him... went to the train station to go home.
but then i received a text from him saying how he "never liked a girl as much as (me) and would do anything to have (me) back". so yup i ended up staying to listen what he got to say and... i gave him a chance although im still quite skeptical about it.


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  • He's an idiot... you were right to ditch him. He's just talking behind your back, pretty much implying that you're not good looking, and seems like he would've fucked his online friend already if they were in the same area. And the fact that she knows he's dating someone already. Trying to lead two people on at the same time... it just doesn't work. Save yourself the trouble and just leave him. Or if you really want it to work out, one chance and nothing more. It's seriously bad enough as it is.

  • Sounds like he's not too smart if he willingly let you see that conversation


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