He ignored my message. Am I overreacting?

In the early hours of last night we were sexting
tonight I was home alone so messaged and invited him over.
He was going to a party and said maybe he can later
so it started getting later and I messaged him. He hasn't replied
and he's read it and has been online since, a few times
is this an ok I way to treat someone you like?
Not sure if I should chill and forget about it or ignore him


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  • how long have u been knowing each other? And what kind of relationship are you in now?

    • Several months
      Right now we're more than friends but less than a relationship, it's not defined

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    • So if he replies I shouldn't be annoyed even though it's late?

      What if he messages in a couple of days and acts like he never ignored me?

    • no no don't be annoyed lol

      it's normal that guys were busy and no time to text u back lol And sometimes he's maybe just considering whether he will come or not (i think this is ur case today). They are not to be blamed, coz he may need to hang out longer with friends or he thinks maybe he will be too tired to go to ur place late at night or maybe afraid to disturb ur sleep if he finished too late.. Anyway, I think he is either no time reply OR considering these things lol

      Just see how he will reply later

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  • i wish girls did that for me. This sounds like he was distracted... quite possibly by another person he has attraction to.
    If thats not the case, it still sounds like he was distracted. By what is the question you should be asking

  • We can improve of our sexting skills here. ;) lemme hear from you

  • He might have been tired or something. Most guys like when a girl texts him frequently. If you like him then you don't need to blow his phone up. This is easier said then done.

    • No it's only 1030pm here and he's still out and I messaged like 2 hours ago
      He's been online like 5 times since then...
      Like I indirectly said I wanted to have sex after hanging out for months 😕
      My drunk girly mind tells me I should ignore him, hence why I felt the need for rational opinions lol
      What do you think?

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    • I do not like when girls ignore guys but in this case I would ignore him.

    • It just sucks because I hate games
      Why the hell would be ignore me
      Maybe he's seeing someone else
      What if he apologises? Should I reply?
      So next time if he messages and acts like it never happened I should flat out ignore?

      I do have plenty of other options but I've only been talking to him and I've made an effort to be sweet and honest to him. Being genuine never pays off 😔

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  • Chill! he might be drunk and doesn't want you to see him like that! Would you want to come over to a man you like if you felt that you're not presenting yourself in a best way? i don't think so.

  • Maybe he got incredibly drunk that night, since he went to a party, just wait it out for a day and if he doesn't text you then yeah...

    • No because he's still out and he's been online several times
      I'm pretty annoyed but resisting messaging him
      Should I just ignore him?