Who likes Who in this situation?

I just witnessed something odd, but help me out here kay?

So my girl friend has been dating a guy since late march and they are kind of fuck buddies but i think she likes him a bit more, and I've met him and he has been hanging with our friends etc
But today her and i randomly met him outside, he was with two friends a guy and a girl a couple.. so he came and said hi

My girl friend lets call her A went for a hug, a hug where she was about to wrap her arms around his waist.
Lets call him B, he looked nervous and kind of like oh shit why are you here, and as she was about to hug him by wrapping her arms around his waist he pulled her arms away from his waist and gave her a normal hug..
I witnessed it and thought it seemed very awkward and odd..


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  • simply B likes A... he was nervous when he was hugged by A

    • but wouldn't B have let her hug him in that way if he did like her? he wouldn't have moved her arms away in order to give her a less "personal " hug?

    • But i do think that B likes A and he was just suprised to see her out of the blue

  • B is shy, but he likes A


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