I have never been in a relationship or dated, am I going to be alone forever?

im getting old in my 20s, i am lonely and cannot find a companion in my life. I have never been loved by a man. Is there something wrong with me? i guess i don't have the looks that men want these days. i also dont go out much to socialize. i dont know where to.


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  • I'm the same as you lady, I realized that we're not as picky as we seem to be. As long as you're rlatively normal man or woman other people will be attracted to you for at least a short term thing. Don't gve up hope! Put yourself in your best clothing make up and feel good about yourself and walk out there :)


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  • I turn 30 soon. I feel the same way. Falling in love younger is better, our best years are now for intimacy, while we still have the hormones... yet... yeah it just sucks.

    Once I did, one time (for about five years). We have two kids together, but I found out she's a sociopath later so she was incapable of truly loving or knowing what she truly wanted or caring at all. So technically I have never ever been with a girl whom I would intimately like and who liked me back in an intimate way. To clear this up a little more, I've never even slept with a woman who I really liked or would like to intimately be with.

    I've slept with a few women who liked me in that way, and wanted a real relationship - just a few, they didn't last long because I didn't truly like them in that way. I felt like it was wrong and it was, I've never bedded a girl I truly wanted to be with except for that relationship with the sociopath when I was younger, that lasted around five years. I have a lot of talents, play the guitar, I'm athletic, card tricks, fun, loving, adventerous, creative, military experience and accomadations, etc, but I just get so nervous around women I am really attracted to, I've told them how I feel but I've been rejected so many times.

    Recently I've messed my life up with bad decisions - I feel like its too late and I'm beginning to feel like a relationship, a real one will never happen for me - I don't want to get together with a woman when I'm older when my best years are now... young love is the best and I feel like I'm going to miss out and just become more resentful, my kids were taken and then I made some bad decisions drinking... not related to baby drama mama - but that's why I was drinking.

    I hate life.

  • What kind of men would you like to meet? Think about and find out where those kind of men spend time, then go to a rotation of places like that.

    Unfortunately, you will not meet a man if you stay at home. You MUST go out to meet someone. So go out.

  • No pic=we have no idea if you're Shrek or Angelina Jolie.

    Going out is required, pretty much, to meet people. Make eye contact. Smile. It'll encourage approaches.


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  • Start by making some friends then go at a bar (be careful with psychos)
    or club (don't drink too much) just go outside and you will fall on the right one.. (Sorry for my English)

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