What do I do about this girl?

I asked out a girl who I thought liked me. She plays mind games a lot. As soon as I show her some attention, she becomes satisfied and starts acting cold. When I asked her out she was happy. But now that she knows I like her, she seems to not care anymore. She also still try's to get me jealous. I try to bring up going out on a date but she always says how busy she is. I know she can make time but won't. She said she might be free on Sunday and I told her to let me know but she won't. When I try to talk to her in school she puts on an aloof attitude all the time. Now that I know that she won't go out on the date, I deleted her number if my phone. I plan on ignoring her, but I know that she still thinks I like her. I want her to know that I'm not interested by not telling her. Should I mention to her friend who I'm friends with that I've lost interest in the girl, and just wait for the info to pass on? I don't want this girl being satisfied anymore.

I still would open to dating the girl, but I'm not gunna being up the date again. If she came to me about it is consider it.


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  • just ignore her.


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  • just ignore her and soon she will get it. act like you really don't have a care about her anymore.


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