Players, how would you feel if your sister got with a guy like you?

Side question: Do you think overprotective fathers are trying to protect their daughters from men like themselves?

  • I'm a player, and if she falls for that she has it coming.
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  • I'm a player, and my sister doesn't deserve that, only other girls do.
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Any girls with a player for a brother?


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  • im sure they won't like it then


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  • not a player... but generally i believe sibs shouldn't judge each other ;)

    • That's not really what this is about.

  • I'm not a player and I have no sisters but I picked A

    • Why? That's what "see answers" is for...

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    • I don't get what you're saying. Why did you vote if you didn't want to see the results and your answer wasn't applicable?

      Do you think girls deserve to be played? Are you saying you'd be a player if you could?

    • As long as I'm not hurting feelings I don't see anything wrong with it