Girls, do you think confidence and personality won't work to get attracted by a guy if he's not physically attractive?

  • never
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  • yes it would work. looks do not matter personality does.
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  • it is harder for him
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  • For guys , appearance matters a lot but for girls it's totally different.95 percent girls love guys if they have a strong character, if they have a good
    confidence level and good personality :)

    • This is the MHO i've ever seen!

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    • God is the incredible designer and master to create human like this

    • Haha yeah :) :) :) :) :p

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What Girls Said 4

  • Not for me. It wouldn't ever work. I mean, I had a 40 year old biker with two kids who was divorced hit me up.

    He was confident. Asked me out. That was sexy. But I couldn't see myself opening my legs to him.

  • It will definitely work, at least for me. I don't care about appearances. If a guy has an amazing personality then that's it

  • It depends on the girl and what her standards are.
    This isn't a one size fits all kind of question. Some girls find shy guys more attractive and are turned off by seemingly over confident men. Others feel appearances don't mean a thing and are attracted solely based on how that guy makes them feel.

  • it would work.

    • thank you, thank you, thank you!