How to unattach a boy from a girl?

So i was dating this guy and i fell for him so i dumped him. It was hard but i got over it. Then he got a girlfriend so i got extremely jealous and i went behind tbe closest boy to him , his cousin. His cousin and i started dating and my ex seemed not to pay attention so i gave the cousin the cookie. After that day his cousin got a really attach not being able to let me go and see me in a relationship without him. his cousin and i broke up since last year and he has been stalking me and telling that i am the only girl for him.
His cousin is a hottie but his not my type at all i just had sex to get back with my boyfriend.

  • should i go back with him
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  • should i continue to ignore him
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  • You should move on with your life.


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  • That's kinda cruel..
    I think you owe him at least part of the truth, before he really starts getting attached to you. but it's gonna be messy

  • No, don't. He deserves a genuine relationship. If you don't like him, it won't work out. Move on.