Girls, Why do girls I don't know behave in such a way when they see me?

Back in high school , I didn't talk to girls a lot but a couple of times random girls that were from my same year level or even senior to me by 2 years, would tease me playfully (never say rude comments but act giggly... sort of immature). It really freaked me out because I was quiet and kind of shy!! I never understood why they did because I was quiet and minded my own business.

A very good example I won't forget:
When I used to go for lunch there were this 2 girls (random girls that were senior to me) who used to pass me quite often. I used to feel quite shy when they looked at me as they used to stare. For around 3 days this happened and then I didn't c them. Maybe around 2 weeks later, these random girls come and knock on my class door during a free period and ask one of my classmates ( calling out my name) if they could talk to me. I went out and they said "Hi" while giggled and I freaked out completely !! It was so embarrassing for me that I was tongue tied and they left and my friend was like " she's teasing you". The fact that they bothered to find out my name was weird.

Another incident was at a shopping mall when these 2 random girls were looking at me and later one asked me " Would you like to have have a sip of my drink" and when I said " no" she walked away and they were giggling.

Could girls preferably please shed some light as to why this happens? It is making me feel bad... I have asked my friends and they say that they have no clue why they do it. I am normal looking I guess... so please help me !!


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  • they think you're totally cute!

    • Thanks:) Like do they think I am cute as friends? I thought they were making fun of me:(

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    • U should :) ur cute!

    • I hope so ;) Just one question please :

      If say there are 2 guys (A and B ) standing next to each other who are friends. You look at A when he is not looking at you , but when A makes eye contact with you , you look somewhere else. With guy B , when he looks at you, you make direct eye contact with him.
      Why would you act in such a way with both of the Random guys?

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  • They seem like typical shy & bashful teenage girls who think you're cute. If this was a decade ago, that was a much more innocent time. Lol I'm not much of a flirt, not sure how, I just make conversation. So either I'd be shy in front of a cute guy or try to make dumb small talk. Surely I was thought of as weird.

    • Thanks :) So do those girls think I am Romeo? ;) If I ask them out , will they say "Yes" ? :)

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    • I wouldn't know why but it's always a possibility. You could read their signals wrong or they could flake out. It just is a yes or no scenario that could go either way. Nothing is guaranteed.

    • I mean the above scenario just happened exactly that way ;)

  • They just sound like basic teenaged girls
    I wouldn't think into it

    • Thanks :) But why would girls do that to me, when they don't even know me?

  • I would have to see what you look like because that is weird that they would do those things.

    • Thanks:) I am normal- looking like others... Not funny looking or something like that.

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