What's your preferred size of boobs guys?


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  • Size does not matter so long as they are real. I can understand a woman getting implants if she has went through treatment for breast cancer. But, outside of that I simply find implants unattractive.


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  • As a girl who likes girls I don't have a particular size. It depends on the girl and her body type. I like boobs that are proportional to her height and weight and what not.

    • I agree with what you said.. Because a skinny girl with D cup boobs would look very weird.

    • @FlutteringFeelings Actually that is very incorrect boobs grow within the limitations of the rib cage they are growing on. So a skinny girl with d cup boobs would have small D that would look like large C cups. Which is why a 36C bra looks bigger than a 34C bra.

    • True , see I don't know much about boobs.. Just adding an opinion to be honest.

  • I'm a DDD now, I think a C was the most preferable size

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