Would you keep dating someone you have nothing in common with?

So let's say you're talking to someone that you find physically attractive but you either don't have anything in common or your conversations seem very generic. Would you still date them or would you feel like there's no hope?

There's this one girl I talked to off POF who I think is decent and we have some things in common but I feel like our conversations are boring as fuck and she gives one word replies a lot but still wants to meet up. I don't get it. Then again, some girls I've met have been quiet via text but talkative in person and vice versa. I just feel like a conversation feels forced when the other person puts little to no effort into the conversation. It's like I gotta write a script for each time we see each other and I hate that shit.


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  • I hate it too. Fact is, she's probably just a quiet, boring type person. That's not such a bad thing. Here's another bonus possibility:

    Maybe she thinks you're cute too and doesn't care about having anything in common because she just wants to fuck your brains out, that's why she wants to continue dating. Ever thought of that? I don't really see the negative here dude.

    • Well the negative would just be that it's awkward to talk to them and you wouldn't know what to say when they're not attempting at conversation.

      I mean it could be a possibility that they just want a hookup but I'm not really picking up on any signs that it's the case yet. I haven't met this girl in person yet though.

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    • Without sounding bitter, online dating is a funny thing but despite my experience with it I don't give up.
      You'll meet a lot of people you wouldn't meet otherwise especially with common interests but there's also rebounders, girls with misleading photos, and disingenuous people. No not all women are like that but it happens quite a bot and sometimes you gotta weed through a lot of bullshit to find someone worthwhile.

    • There you go, you must be good looking enough to get all those dates. It could very well be intimidation as to why this chick is quiet. I understand your other point, that it's frustrating because it never works out with those other chicks but remember one thing: At least you're meeting them. Lots of guys on those websites can't even get one date. You make it sound like a cake walk lol.

      I know what you mean about the dishonesty. I was catfished Thursday night. Some chick posted up photos of herself when she was still thin, probably about a year or two ago. I showed up and saw a BBW. Still played it cool though, whatever.

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  • No. I would rather have an average guy I could really connect with over a hot guy with no personality.

    • Same. I'd rather have a girl who is at least somewhat attractive who I can talk to about anything as opposed to one who's very hot but can't carry a conversation to save her life.

  • One word replys would irritate me, as i'd feel the person couldn't really be bothered to message me. I'd think he were disinterested in me.

    You'll probably find if you meet up with her, she'll never shut up lol. Maybe you need to give it time to get to know each other more. You might find you have a lot more in common talking face to face as there's only so much you can " say" via texting


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  • I dated someone who was so hot I didn't care about anything else other than having sex. I was a bit ashamed cos I was simply using her -and I used to show off about it to my friends cos she was someone everybody wanted to f*** but we were both pretty young at the time and weren't mature enough to have thoughts about much at all -except having fun.