Do you think there is a chance that this guy is single?

So a couple of years ago I met this guy while I was staying over at the hospital. There was a girl who would visit him for 6-8 hours a day and she in fact took a flight over to the hospital from a different province / country / city altogether and dropped out of school for one year to see him. He said she was his sister but she looked NOTHING lie him. I did a google search on her facebook profile and she has the same last name as him but I think she lives in a different country cause all her facebook friends were from a different country. I think maybe thats his girlfriend and they lied and said she was his sister so that there would be less stalking / hovering when she went to go visit him.

The reason I think that they are not related is because
- she has yellow / tanned skin and he has pale white skin
- she has blond hair and he has black hair

But they both speak arabic and are both wealthy, intelligent and studying medical science related classes in University and are around the same age - maybe a 1-4 year difference in ages.

Is that his girlfriend or his sister?


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  • That's the girl who gave him the flesh eating infection that caused him to lay in the hospital bed.


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