Week since I got rejected by a girl I thought would be around?

I'm going to make this as short as possible. I met this girl at a party (mutual friends etc.) And we started speaking via text etc. Both started liking each other. I asked her on a first date and it went PERFECT! So did the next 2 dates we had after that. It looked like we might just start dating and see each other more regularly.

Week after out third date, we speak, heart emoticons and kisses the works. She asks me to be her date for the Saturday to a party and also asks me to a friend of hers birthday party (I know this girl also). I went, on the way she was the same, kisses and xoxo's. We got there and things went the same! Kissed her hello, held hands AND all of her friends know my name. So I thought this is it, I'll ask her tommorow!

Well, time to leave the party and everything went well, BUT I had a sense that something bad is coming my way. But I didn't let that get to me, I was INLOVE! Sent her a night message and she said at least we're seeing each other tommorow! I close the text with a kiss emoticon. Next day, everything is normal... After 2 messages, everything goes south. Her texts no longer that 6 words. She seems down and changes her status from hearts to some random quote.

I ask her whats up and she tells me she's "feeling down hehehehe". I just take this as a normal emotional thing because that's what girls do. As the day progresses she gets rather cold... I ask her again but this time a reason, she tells me she's overthinking.. I'm like okay. Time of the party comes around and she tells me she won't be going for more than an hour, so I don't have to worry about coming BUT she's not flaking.

I agree and then tell her to have a great night, since she isn't so responsive. Next day comes and I ask if she feels better, nope... still nothing. That same night I get the message. This is translated so here goes:

"We're from different worlds, you're an amazing guy, one of the nicest I've ever met. Don't change that. You just don't have what I need. And I know you can do a lot better than me. Please don't change."

Now, I know what this means, but after 3 dates AND 2/3 parties/get togethers and she tells me this NOW? This crushed me, seeing that she's my second love and made everyday the best day EVER. Just by seeing her face and hearing her voice I'd feel SO happy... Any advice or opinions on WHY she changed this fast/Went cold so quickly? I don't fall for that reason to be honest.

Opinions on why she would flake after all the dates and feelings etc?


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  • Okay I'm a girl, and I can tell you. What she means is that she obviously had someone in her mind who she wants as her partner, and somehow u don't fit in that category. Nothing is wrong with you, you're just not what ShE wants. She might have gone through a rough break before, but she's nog feeling it with you.
    Move on, find another girl. U look like a fun person, so I'm sure u find someone in no time.
    Good lucl!


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  • better forget her dude... appreciate she was HONEST at least :)

    • I do appreciate the honesty. :) It's just hard to process it, since it took a few hours (as in > 10) for her to go from loving to the final stage. It sucks...

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  • This is what dating is about; figuring out if you fit with someone. She had an open mind and gave it a try but ultimately figured it wasn't going anywhere. I applaud her honesty. It sounds like you were hanging a lot of hope on jusr a few dates; maybe she sensed that. We play along sometimes, but that doesn't mean a whole lot in the early stages when it's exciting. This may have been "sudden' for you but she had already been considering the break off.

    Her message was pretty to the point, there's nothing you can do now but move on.


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  • Yeah that sucks. It may have been something you did. It may have nothing at all really to do with you, so try not to take it too personal. This is why it's best to try not to get too invested in a girl until you two are actually together and sleeping together.

  • Look dude you don't want a girl like that anyway because she most likely got made fun of or teased by her friends it sounds so because she hated being made fun of more then she hates the idea of breaking up with you she broke up. This girl cares about what people think about her not just what you think so something has happened with her and her friends unless she might actually just stop liking you but I'm more with the fact that she cares so much about what people think.