Have you ever started seeing someone you liked while you still weren't over someone else? How did it turn out?

Whether it was an ex, or even someone you went out with a few times but had feelings for. How did you act with this new person?

I'm the person the heartbroken boy started seeing btw!!!
I think he still had feelings for the girl he was seeing because he went real intense on me real quick and then just disappeared


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  • Yep. You gotta move forward with your life

    • I'm the one they started seeing (I had no idea)

    • It didn't go well for me lol

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  • Yes I still had feelings for a guy when I met someone new. I honestly felt it so hard to move on and continue talking to the new guy that I ended up telling the guy I originally had feelings for that I liked him. He didn't feel the same way, so I moved on and was able to start seeing people, including the new guy. Even though I wasn't still "over him" knowing that there was no chance of him helped me to move on.

  • It went in the shitter fast.

    • Like how? I'm actually the person they started seeing ahaha and it went shitty for me because they disappeared

    • If you still have feeling for another person, you won't be happy with someone else.