Crawling out of the forever alone mentality: how accepting are girls of guys?

Or rather, how many guys does she actually care about? have any advice? Like, just go talk to her... (What she wants to happen/ what she's thinking about/ if she feels the same way as I do ex:( nervous, feels attracted to the other, wants another, etc... ) or if she doesn't like us back, will she gain interest any ways or not feel the same way I do towards her/ how she feels and what she thinks about/ her thoughts and opinions on a given situation like this) when she likes us back, or doesn't like us back. Does it matter on how we look or can any guy go up and ask her out?

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  • 1) How many guys does she care about? Depends on the girl.

    2) If you're interested in her, I would advise going up to her and asking her out. Many guys make the mistake of befriending her and then asking her out.

    A lot of women already see as only friends at that time, so they're going to reject you. Some don't. But if I was a guy, I would ask her out immediately.

    3) Don't pine after a girl if she rejects you. For your sake, if you can't continue being friends, end any contact with this girl. Don't be the puppy dog thinking that she's going to go realize that you're the guy she's supposed to be with because that mostly doesn't happen. You're going to end up resenting her or woman-kind if you keep doing this. Move on if you can't handle a friendship.

    4) You can't look like a bum. Be who you are and look how you are. Confidence attracts tons of women big time, so you would walk up to her and tell her how you feel.


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  • While some girls ARE very choosy about what they want in a guy, appearance-wise (ripped muscles, 6+ feet tall, tattoos, certain colored eyes, etc.), most of them don't care about looks. At least not as much as almost every guy thinks.

    For looks, most girls just want a healthy guy with a nice face. It's the personality where they're picky, and rightfully so.

  • Best kept secret... Guys and girls think actually a like. If you put yourself in that girls shoes you can know what she's thinking..

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