Girls, Why am I always single? is it my looks? or anything else?

I'm hard working
I have goals
I'm and overall good guy.

It seems like I'm nebver first choice. I'm usually either the rebound or the silver medal, always being compared to a hot Mr pretty boy who I obviously have no chance at in the looks deparment. I always get dumped or cheated on in less than a month turns out that I was the rebound or something of the sort. I feel I have a lot to offer to a girl yet I'm always single and alone.

I've seen guys who look average or even plain ugly dude who have great girls that love them and care for them, why can't I have a nice devoted girl who won't cheat on me or leave me for a guy only because he looks better?


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  • I'm not sure dude. You look fine to me.

    Could be personality. Sometimes how we see ourselves is not the same as how others see us. You might think you have a good personality but in reality you might have some issues.

    Are you a pessimistic guy?
    Sometimes even our body language sends off the wrong message and we don't even notice it.

    I think your love lifes not going to well because you haven't met enough women. You're trying to fish with a fishing rod. Try using a net.
    Expand your girl acquaintances. You're bound to find SOMEONE.

    Good luck man, have faith in yourself


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  • Take some good time for introspection, because acting like a "why me?" victim is a crappy attitude! I don't know why men still think they're so entitled to women's attention. Anyone who whines about being "friend zoned" is a self-entitled jerk. We don't owe you anything. Just treat women well and they will treat you well.

    • You have totally missed the point Inever talked about friendzones or whined I asked that if Im. Good guy why am I always getting dumped, read well before answering geez

    • I know exactly what you said, and you're playing entitled victim.

    • No I'm not I'm just asking on what I'm doing wrong but you seem to be a very bitter person 0.0

  • Hmm well what kind of girls are these that you are "dating"?

    • well to be honest they seem really nice at first so I think"hey maybe this time will be different" we go out on a lot of dates and everything is fine things progress well then some of them have even taken me to meet the family and all that and like 3 months latter I get dumped for a pretty boy

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    • Nope small family and I was never. Liked by the people around me its like literally everyone hates me which kinda sucks. I didn't think that would translate to my love life in a waytho

    • Of course it does. Everyone's childhood effects them and their relationships on some level. I think really looking into your childhood, and trying to understand why you felt like that, still do... will be the missing puzzle piece to the issue with women leaving you. The subconscious can really mess with you, and having those profound negative thoughts, brings energy and action that could actually be deterring the love you soo want.

  • You are young & have a lot to offer!
    #1 Are you looking in the right place? (try an evangelical church, young people who attend church tend to come from good families and have high moral standards)
    #2 Look for true long lasting friendships (don't look straight for a girlfriend) this way you wont' be alone and have true friends. People don't always have to have a girlfriend at your age. First you must develop a friendship to get to know a person... then love may grow. Also, when you least expect it LOVE can happen in a flash.

    • Well I do have a lot of friends my love life is the only thing thats going down the drain lol

  • Perhaps I it has something to do with the girls you are going after.. also just the way you act around them.

  • Screw people who don't like you or judge you based upon your looks. To me, you look absolutely fine--very handsome!
    Keep your heart and your mind open--just remember to guard yourself and set healthy boundaries in relationships. Good relationships are worth waiting for, but they often take time. You don't have any reason to feel bad about yourself. There's gonna be one lady who thinks you're her world--just wait a little more for it and forget those who forget you!

  • Confidence. Thats really all i can think of. or your just really not what their looking for. its that your ugly or pathetic or anything, it just could be the girls dont like you-you. just keep trying

    • How can they not like Me if they go official with me. Noone buys the confidence stuff please stop throwing that around. Anywho these girls get into actuall relationships with me and everything is fine no notable issues they just jump ship whenever another dude comes around

  • How about this? You focus on your career and don't think so much about a relationship. Sometimes expectations can land you in disappointment. Pretty sure a nice gurl will come along sometime :)
    And well, you aren't bad looking. Not all relationships are based on the look factor. Sometimes its how you get along with her. Nothing that's good comes easy aye