What is more important to have happen first? A physical connection or an emotional one?

I had an interesting conversation with a guy friend. He said he'd never get emotionally invovled with a girl until he knew there was a physical connection. I said I'd never get physical (ie sex) with a guy until there was an emotional connection. What are your thoughts?

  • Emotional connection should come first
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  • Physical (ie sex) connection should come first
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  • When a guy looks at a girl, the first thing that goes through his mind is how she looks. Thats why one night stands happen, because there is a physical bond. An emotional connection only leads to friendship MAYBE. It may seem shallow, but looks are very important and looks are usually an indicator of a girl: how she dresses and does her hair. For a relationship to happen both emotions and looks are involved. I know this is little of topic but it is the best I can answer this.

    • that makes sense, yeah. I think he just thinks people should make out and try that route before getting close emotionally.

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  • Your friend has the cart pulling the donkey.

    • I entirely agree! He was pretty adamant about it too which was a little surprising. I thought it was pretty obvious that that route wasn't very possible.

    • Good for you. A man who wants to "sample the merchandise" as though he were buying candy or fruit is not worthy of you. God forbid he should overextend himself to show you a little affection and then find out you do not meet his expectations in bed. What a nightmare!

    • I think that is his main objective though... weeding people out by sex first. Seems pretty immature to me!

  • physical connection as in they are both attracted to each other but it shouldn't get physical unless there is an emotional connection that is if you want something that means a little more and lasts a little longer

    • I entirely agree! You have to be attracted to someone, but I don't think you should just jump into bed with them and then try to form a meaningful relationship... doesn't make sense to me.

  • Emotions last longer, the physical can always wait.

    • I completely agree. Funny how just men responded to this... and all of them disagreed haha.

  • I'm like 50/50 here because I believe in casual sex lol

    • ah, yeah, maybe he does too

  • sex does not always lead to love.

    • I think it mostly doesn't...

    • depends on a number of things. however, it's absolute foolish to build a relationship based solely on that.

    • Yeah. I agree. Have to get to know someone!!

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