Can I catch him before he moves on?

We broke up after 3 years a couple weeks ago. He wants time to figure himself out and needs some space from me. This is probably a crap answer, but I'll admit that it made me feel better that it wasn't purely about me.

I do want to be with him and we haven't talked with each other in a week. Do you think he'll try to text me soon? How can I catch him before he moves on? Especially if he needs space.


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  • I wouldn't. If he's asking for space, I think it's in your best interest to give it to him and let him contact you when he wants to. I know it's hard because as women we want to be with them in the physical sense but that is a bad idea. I think that if he's really serious about the relationship and cares about you, he'll come around but don't you be the one to initiate contact. If he moves on then you need to let him go, allow yourself to heal and do the same. Good luck.

  • Hmmmm, mm that's a tricky one... You could send him a friendly text just saying: just thought I'd say hi and I was wondering how your doing? (Keep it simple and keep it cool and keep confident and act like you are ok without him)

    • Confidence is key!

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    • I played it cool and waited 3-4 hours to text him back to that text as I was busy and wansnt by my phone and said I was glad to hear that I put a smile on his face and asked how his day is going. As I know his job is keeping him busy as he said he wants to have quite a bit of free time so he can spend it with his kids and with me. Does it sound like he is going to come back to me in July and ask me out again? He said his family (the members I met), his kids and his friend (the ones I met all like me a lot as does he as he told me when we broke up he likes me a lot and added a lot). Sorry to bring up my situation. by the way waiting a week sounds good and just play it cool when you contact him. :)

    • Hi how are things going?