Why are men so mean to me?

I go on a lot of dates and men generally are either rude to me or crazy. In the past few dates I've been sexually assaulted on one. Humiliated and yelled at on another and my last date the guy ran out on the bill and was a psycho. My recent date was nice but he acted rude weird at a few points then once began asking me why I wasn't relaxed and was so rude to me. He told me I seemed so standoffish and began accusing me of being that way. He told me I need to stop bullshitting him which I wasn't and put me on some weird defensive starting an argument with me.

Then he tried saying I wasn't relaxed and to stop bsing him. Then said he wondered why I was so calm which made no sense. Then he tried to stall me from going to Disney and changed his mind about hanging out more just to be a jerk. I also drove 40 mins to his area to see him and he said let's hang out then changed his mind. All of these men who are so rude to me are really turned on by me and obviously want me. Why do they treat me so badly and are horrid to me. Is it because they want me? Why did this jerk try to pick a fight and provoke me? Is their anger related to the fact that they want me but don't know how to handle it. Even if I accept them sexually they still abuse or mistreat me.

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I'm also nice to them friendly but they always find a way to put me down or want to fight me. I'm also not standoffish. I don't get where the hatred and anger stems from. I'm pretty and many will say I'm really hot but still just want to fight me. The guy stalling me was just rude. Are they too embarrassed to try to hit on me. I don't get it. And why do some want to humiliate me
The guy who ran out on the bill spent half
The time raving about how pretty and beautiful I am and lied to me about himself. Then his cc declined I offered to pay half and he took off. These people are crazy. Are they intimidated scared nuts. What is wrong with these losers


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  • Well, the problem here is which men you're picking for your dates. No, it's definitely not because they want you; people are much more polite when they want someone.

    • well that can't be true-- they do want me. we had good converastion but then the guy got weird--like he wanted to provoke me. he also mentioned i was really beautiful but its that he was turned on by me... is it that b/c they want you so badly, they get nuts and reject you-- im just going on dates its not like supposed to be more

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